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Safest Cities in Florida

Florida is such a beautiful and breathtaking place, isn’t it? With sunny beaches, everglades, and modern amenities, it undoubtedly appears to be one of the best places to live. And that’s why it’s a popular choice of home for many retirees. This does not imply that the younger generation has nothing to do here. Cities like Orlando are filled with opportunities. Florida is indeed a compelling option if you want to relocate to a coastal town with peace and amazing views. Naturally, before you move to any state, you would want to know all about its crime rate.

No one wants their family to move to a place where the crime rate is high. So we have put together a list of some of the safest cities in Florida to make the decision easier for you.

Satellite Beach
Satellite beach was deemed the safest city in Florida in 2020. And why not? The crime rate in the city is 84.70% below the national crime rate and 85.26% below the state crime rate.

The city is located along the Atlantic in Brevard County and offers simply breathtaking views. It is home to nearly 11,000 residents, and the close-knit community makes it one of the ideal places to live.

Marco Island
This Gulf Coast barrier island is located south of the city of Naples. With a population of over 18000, its crime rate is 77.66% below the national crime rate and 78.48% below the state crime rate.

There’s a reason that the island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. Indeed, it’s filled with white beaches and resorts. People who live here are happy not only because of its safety rating but also the urban feel it offers.

If you are tired from all the hustle and bustle of city life and now want to live in a small, peaceful location, this one’s for you. With a population of around 6000 people, this village is ideal for all those yearning for some tranquillity. Its crime rate is 76.62% below national and 77.48% below state crime rate.

The focal attracting point of the village is Coral Cove Park which is a large beachside park. Residents can head to this location to relax, picnic, swim and have a great time with their families.

Longboat Key
This is quite a popular town among retirees. And understandably so! The small town is home to nearly 7000 residents. The crime rate is 70.34% below national and 71.43% below the state crime rate.

But there’s more to the region that makes it attractive. It’s located in Manatee and Sarasota counties and has many public and private beaches. This is why tourists and new residents are drawn to it. The median age of residents of the town is 71, which is enough to tell you that if you are looking for a place to relocate to after retirement, this one’s just for you.

Key Biscayne
This one’s at the barrier island across from Miami and houses over 13,000 residents. The city’s crime rate is 72.19% below national and 73.21% below the state crime rate.

The best thing about this city is the white beaches and state parks that surround it. Additionally, the town has all the amenities that you can think of for a modern lifestyle. And the median household income is roughly around $120,000.

Located in southwest Florida, on the Gulf Coast, this city is home to around 7000 residents. The city isn’t only safe but pretty beautiful too. The crime rate is 63.13% below national and 64.495 below state crime rate. So this isn’t really the place you would be scared to live in.

Furthermore, wildlife refuges occupy half of the island. Many non-profit organizations are active on the island to ensure that the island is protected.

If you aren’t ready to bid farewell to city life and want to relocate to a safe city in Florida with a suburban feel, this one’s for you. Its population comprises around 70,000 residents, and it has a crime rate of 77.48% below national and 78.31% below state crime rate.

The city is pretty close to the Everglades, ensuring that you can enjoy an adventurous day out whenever you feel like it. That doesn’t imply that Weston itself doesn’t have much to offer. Indeed, the many shopping centres and restaurants are enough to keep you busy.

North Palm Beach
This village, which is home to around 13,000 residents, is located in Palm Beach County. Additionally, nearly 8000 more people head to North Palm Beach during winters. It’s a pretty safe city to live in, with a crime rate of 65.53% below national and 66.80% below state crime rate.

The village has plenty to offer in the form of parks, golf courses, county clubs, and so much more. The beaches ensure that you can always enjoy a day soaking in the sun. And that’s why it attracts so many families and retirees. Despite its peaceful vibe, the region has enough to keep you occupied.

Florida: A City With Lots To Offer
Indeed, Florida is so much more than just the Sunshine state. This is why people are drawn to the country and want to live in it. Luckily, it’s filled with cities with low crime rates, high amenities, and ample opportunities. If you wish to relocate to a better place that’s safe for your family and beautiful too, you don’t have to look too far!


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