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Best Airbnb Locations in Florida

Best Airbnb Locations In Florida

Airbnbs have undoubtedly transformed the hospitality industry. Most people now prefer residing in Airbnb when they travel due to optimal privacy, comfort, and convenience. Hence, it’s not surprising that most regions, especially those that attract tourists, have a hub of Airbnbs. And Florida is no different.

Do you know the best part? Florida is filled with regions wherein Airbnbs attract a maximum number of tourists. Indeed, if you are looking for a place to purchase your Airbnb property, Florida is undoubtedly among the best options. Of course, not all cities in Florida fare the same when it comes to Airbnb. So what are the best locations for Airbnb in Florida? Let’s find out!

Fort Lauderdale

Most people now prefer Fort Lauderdale over Miami for vacations. And why not? There’s so much that this coastal city has to offer. For one thing, it’s far less crowded. On top of it, it’s pretty affordable too.

Furthermore, the city has everything Miami offers and more, including lively beaches, a vibrant lifestyle, and exciting waterfront activities. The strong Latin influence is also something worth noticing in Fort Lauderdale.

People visiting Fort Lauderdale prefer staying in Airbnb to enjoy a more homely experience. Therefore, the business of Airbnbs flourishes in the city!

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is pretty different from the typical destinations. Perhaps this is the reason that this location does not spring to mind of most people when they think about the best place for an Airbnb in Florida. However, the city is a buzzing centre for arts and galleries. Indeed, the Moricami Museum and Japanese gardens are among the most popular tourist attractions throughout the year.

The median listing price of an Airbnb in the city is more than $500,000, and people can expect to make a median Airbnb rental income of over $2500 in the town. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

St. Petersburg

This is another profitable location for Airbnb in Florida. The city, which is a part of the Tampa Bay area, has a profound reputation among tourists due to its beaches, sail boating, fishing, and golf courses. If that wasn’t enough, St. Petersburg also has a vast number of museums and entertainment venues to keep one engaged.

This is why most people love the idea of spending their vacation in the city. Therefore, you can expect quite a handsome return if you invest in an Airbnb in this region.

West Palm Beach

It’s quite well known that most people love living in Airbnbs when they vacation on the beach. After all, who wouldn’t like a bit of privacy and intimacy in their accommodation after a long day by the beach? Hence, West Palm Beach is also a worthy location for Airbnb.

It’s filled with beautiful beaches and the sunny weather all year round ensures that it attracts tourists in large numbers. Furthermore, the city is filled with bars, entertainment venues, and so much more. When a city has so much to offer, it’s bound to attract tourists from all over the world, making it the ideal location for an Airbnb.

Fort Myers

If there’s one city in Florida that has witnessed immense growth in the past few years, it’s this one. With the increase in its population, the city has also managed to generate attention among visitors. Indeed, the comfortable lifestyle it offers is enticing. Hence, Airbnb rentals make quite a bit of revenue in the city.

People visit Fort Myers to make the most of everything that it has to offer. Additionally, a lot of people stay here to make up their mind about shifting to the city permanently. And they prefer staying in an Airbnb to get the authentic feel of the place.


This is a popular holiday destination for those looking for an enriching experience during their vacations. Yes, the museums and cultural density of the city are a marvel. Furthermore, the town was a major business center not too long ago. And continues to remain busty and crowded to this day!

People visit this place to find out more about the opportunities that it offers and to make the most of the rich culture. And during their trips, they prefer staying in an Airbnb to remain closer to the city’s roots. This makes Tampa one of the best Airbnb locations in Florida.

Key West

This one’s a beautiful southern destination filled with beautiful sights. Due to the luxury and relaxation it offers, the city is a major tourist destination. And, of course, people would want to make the most of these amenities in a more intimate setting, making Airbnb the preferred choice.

Key West is an excellent location for investment property too. But let’s not forget that it’s the second busiest tourist destination in Florida. So if you want to invest in an Airbnb, this city will undoubtedly prove to be a smart choice. Because you will never experience a shortage of people who want to rent an intimate house for their stay in Key West!

Make The Most Of What Florida Has To Offer!

Florida is undoubtedly a marvellous place, filled with cities that offer ample opportunities. We have just revealed some of the best Airbnb locations in the state. But there’s a lot more to discover. There are plenty of other cities worth a look too.

The best thing about Airbnbs in Florida is that there’s something for everyone. You can easily go for the city that suits your requirements in the best possible manner!

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