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Best New Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Top New Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale


Florida is home to sandy beaches, exotic nightlife, breathtaking waterfronts, and luxury hotels. But what most visitors don’t know about the place is that it offers some of the best eateries in the world. The multiple ranges of cuisines available at the new restaurants in the city of Fort Lauderdale make you want to eat out daily.

The place offers it all, ranging from unparalleled seafood to specialized sandwiches, chill breakfast, and steak joints. In short, the waterfront district has an eatery for everyone to satisfy their taste buds. Whether your budget is as low as $5 or as high as $100, the city homes all kinds of snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and more.

Plus, it is not just the food. It is also the aesthetic and the presentation that makes the restaurants’ worth. The food and drinks are not only good for eating but also for making memories. Is this making you want to try out some of the food items? If yes, then hit these new top-notch restaurants in the waterfront district that have made a name for themselves within just a few years.

1- New York Grilled Cheese

What could be better than grilled cheese sandwiches? There is no set time for one to enjoy a crispy grilled sandwich topped with their favorite cheese. For a New Yorker, it is a must-visit place because you will want to keep coming back for more.

Grilled in the waffle iron, the bread used for the sandwich is heated at a high temperature to make it extra crispy yet gooey at the same time. The perfect ratio of cheese and bread paired with your favorite toppings makes the sandwich special for all. From BBQ sauce to onions, pork, mayo, and fries, you can get all kinds of sandwiches from the place to satisfy your taste buds.

2- Padrino’s Cuban

As the name suggests, the restaurant is home to Cuban cuisine. Unlike other new restaurants, this one has stuck to its roots and, up till today, serves a blend of ancient and typical Cuban family recipes to its customers. For Cubans inhabitants of the city, the place is a second home. Because we say, home is where food is, and no one makes better Cuban food in the town than Padrino’s Cuban.

3- Sea Watch On The Ocean

Do you wish to enjoy freshly picked and prepared seafood while applauding the fresh sight of the ocean from your restaurant? If yes, the Sea Watch On The Ocean is the place for you. As the name suggests, the place is located on the ocean, around 50 yards away from the water.

You can never go wrong with seafood at Sea Watch on the Ocean. Starting with the chip base and veggies such as tomatoes and onions to parmesan cheese, the eatery offers you the perfect blend of taste, like no other.

Whether it be lunch or dinner, you get to choose from a wide range of seafood items on the menu. You don’t have to be a seafood lover when you enter the place. But we assure you that you will come out as a seafood lover, wanting more!

4- Sistrunk Marketplace

Food halls have become a trend, and food lovers prefer to eat at more fun and exciting settings than sophisticated ones. If you are looking for a place in Fort Lauderdale, Sistrunk Marketplace is the place for you to visit.

Located at the ideal location, the place is your best stop to satisfying your hunger pangs from time to time. Whether it be savory crepes, tuna poke, or ice creams, you can find it all at Sistrunk Marketplace. Enjoy the day at the distillery, or shop at your favorite boutiques. But make sure to make a reservation beforehand at the Sistrunk Marketplace to satisfy your taste buds.

5- Dar Tajine Moroccan Restaurant

If you are looking for a classy and traditional place to dine in with your family and wish to enjoy a quiet and private space, then the Dar Tajine Moroccan is the perfect place for you. Located a few minutes’ drive from the Country Club, the place is home to the traditional cuisine that might have been lost in the fast-food industry.

Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the place paired with mouth-watering traditional dishes and make the most out of your day. Spend the day at the Fort Lauderdale club and enjoy food items such as Zaalouk, sausage sandwiches, kofta, and more.

6- Cyth & Co.

For locals and tourists alike, who are mainly on the go, Cyth & Co, is the place to make a pit stop, especially during breakfast hours. Offering a wide range of sandwiches, waffles, and traditional, freshly brewed coffee, the restaurant is a must-go eatery in the city. Its blue butterfly latte, almost latte, and blackberry latte are 100% picture perfect and worth an Instagram post.

Most breakfast items and baked goods can be prepared specially for vegans to facilitate all kinds of customers. So why skip breakfast when you can enjoy a delicious meal at Cyth & Co that would last you till lunch?

5 Etiquette For Dining At Fancy Restaurants In Fort Lauderdale

When going to fancy restaurants, you need to act fancy as well. Here are a few of the most regularly followed etiquettes at fancy restaurants by all.

1- Always dress nicely.

2- Never put your accessories such as your keys, rings, purse, or smartphone on the table.

3- Always let your guest order first.

4- If you are the host, set up the payment method beforehand.

5- Never return the wine.


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