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Best Bars in Fort Lauderdale

Best Bars in Fort Lauderdale


Why go home when you can have a splendid night out with your friends, soon-to-be friends, and lovers in the exotic city of Fort Lauderdale? The entertaining nightlife of the city, 25 miles north of Miami, is a dream place for those who wish to relax and have fun as the sun goes down. Giving you a boosting mix of bars, gaming arenas, restaurants, live music, and dancing, the city holds life in the darkest of nights.

When it comes to quenching your thirst, the city is home to state-of-the-art cocktail lounges, brewpubs, and wine bars. If the definition of a fun night out for you includes socializing and enjoying drinks, then our guide is exactly what you need to turn your nightlife exotic and make the most out of it. Delve into the region’s famous nightlife with your friends, family, and lovers at the best bars in Fort Lauderdale.

1- Rosie’s Bar and Grill

For locals, Rosie’s Bar is their second home. Filled with an electric and energetic atmosphere, the place brings you back to life with its unique touch. Whether it be night or day there is always a party going on for you to enjoy.

From awesome mojitos, delicious and mouth-watering food, beer buckets, and unique drinks to a tropical atmosphere and live DJ, the place offers it all. It is highly recommended for youngsters and party people to make new friends and enjoy one of the hottest spots in the night throughout the week.

For outsides, tourists and visitors, the place is a must-go-to meet the town people and mingle with the fun crowd during the stay.

2- America’s Backyard

Located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, America’s Backyard is the largest outdoor party and bar set up in South Florida. The stellar atmosphere of the place paired with its complementary cover and special drinks makes it a must-visit bar in the city. It is ideal for tourists and locals who wish to enjoy a night out and prefer a playful setting.

Whether you are going with friends or running solo, there is no place better than America’s Backyard to make new friends and hang out with a large group of diverse crowds. It is best to call and book your spot beforehand. Make sure to try out their Drink Specials because you won’t find them anywhere else. In short, the place lit your night.

3- Blue Jeans Blue

As the name suggests, the place is home to jazz lovers in the city. The unique, casual, and cosmopolitan setting of this distinctively laid-back jazz club is an excellent place for tourists and locals to sit back and enjoy the soothing and rhythmic atmosphere the area has to offer. How said Happy Hour is just for 60 mins? At Blue Jeans Blue, it lasts from 11 AM to 7 PM. What could be better than that?

The exposed brick walls, blue lights, and jazz music performed seven days a week are dreams come true for all. With its bold brews, specially crafted cocktails, and alluring list of wine, you get to enjoy freshly cooked appetizers – all at the same place. It is the must-come place for all at least once a week.

4- Blue Martini

What do you get from the name? Party and all-night fun! And that is precisely what this place has to offer to its customers. Over the years, the site has built its reputation with its sophisticated atmosphere, outdoor sitting area, VIP lounges under the skylight, and delicious menu of various appetizers.

It is an ideal place for casual gatherings, hanging out with friends, and nightlife shenanigans. Why have an average night out when you can have an exceptional one at the Blue Martini with your friends? Select your favorite signature drinks and choose your spot to party till the sun comes out.


Visit YOLO because you only live once. The splendid combo of nightlife entertainment and delicious lunch menu makes this place chic and sophisticated for all. Designed with the idea of modernity, comfort, and entertainment, the nightspot has become the talk of the town within just four years of its opening.

Situated near the business district, the place offers elegance and class that many businessmen and women look for when hanging out with their crowd. The vibe of the site is unparalleled by any bar in the city. Therefore it has become one of the most convenient spots for business people of the town.

Tips For Fun Night Out In Fort Lauderdale

If you are new to the city or have just turned 21, you need insider tips to make the most out of your nights out in Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few, which might help you find your crowd and your perfect place.

1- The city has a lot to offer. Therefore, research should be top of your list.

2- Hit different bars but not on the same night. Give the place sometimes. It might start to grow on you!

3- Learn about the history of the business. It will help you develop a bond with it.

4- Hang out with friends at local bars, interact with the locals and find out more about the city.

5- Participate in the fun group activities carried out at the bars.

6- Mingle with the crowd. Let yourself loose and party hard, because why not?


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