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Tequesta Country Club

The Tequesta Country Club is a well-regarded golf and country club located in Tequesta, Florida.

Real Estate: The Tequesta Country Club is known for its golf course homes and residences with golf course views. The community features a mix of single-family homes, many of which are situated along the fairways or in close proximity to the golf course.

Location: The Tequesta Country Club is situated within the town of Tequesta, which is part of Palm Beach County, Florida. The club’s location offers convenient access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Golf Course: The Tequesta Country Club features a challenging 18-hole golf course that offers picturesque views and a pleasant golfing experience. The course is designed to provide a mix of enjoyment and strategic play for golfers of varying skill levels.

Amenities: In addition to golf, the Tequesta Country Club offers a range of amenities for its members. These may include tennis courts, swimming pools, dining facilities, and social spaces where members can gather and enjoy various activities.

Membership: The Tequesta Country Club operates as a private club, and membership is typically required to access its golf course and other facilities. Membership details, categories, and fees can be obtained directly from the club’s management.

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