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Oceanfront Vs. Intracoastal View Properties in Fort Lauderdale


For those looking to purchase real estate in Fort Lauderdale, either as a home for yourself or as an investment. There are still some magnificent properties available both on the beach and inland on the canals.

Before beginning your search, I find it is often helpful to look a little closer at the similarities and differences between the oceanfront and intracoastal properties in the city.

Intracoastal Homes in Fort Lauderdale

While this area is famous for catering to demographics such as tourists and retirees, many people are realizing that this is also a spectacular place to raise a family with itshigh-quality schools, plentiful jobs and high-quality parks, restaurants and waterways.

The Intracoastal area is popular among those seeking easy access to the plentiful marinas and canals. Colee Hammock, roughly a mile or so inland, is a hugely popular area for home seekers. The area is rife with outdoor cafes, wine bars, and recreational activities. WHile there are some modern, newer construction homes and townhomes available, manypeople love the character of the historic homes in the area showcasing the famousMediterranean Revival and Spanish architecture.

Victoria Park is a popular inland area for many young professionals with and without children. There are great public and private schools as well as an abundance of parks,waterways and dining options.

In addition to these two great neighborhoods, there are still many others withwonderful characteristics that will give home shoppers many great potential properties tochoose from. A Luxury Fort Lauderdale Realtor can help navigate through buying or selling a home in Fort Lauderdale.


Oceanfront Homes in Fort Lauderdale

For those seeking our world class oceanfront front views -first, contact your Fort Lauderdale Realtor, there are still some stunning properties available. There are currently many condos, townhomes and single family homes available on the beach for those wanting those magnificent views and easyaccess to the surf.

While the oceanfront properties are much more limited and more expensive than the inland homes, many do not realize it is possible to still find some moderately priced homes with ocean access. There are still many new and modern one bedroom condos available on the beach for under $300,000. For those seeking something larger, there are anabundance of luxury condos on the market to meet anyone’s tastes. Highly coveted for their location and prestige, these properties always are in style and make a great investment.

Fort Lauderdale Homes for Investors

Fort Lauderdale and south Florida in general has seen some of the most significant rent growth in the country the past two years, making it a popular place for real estate investors. With rent in many places up over 50%, many people may think we havereached a peak and rent may come down. While this may sound reasonable and everyone should do their due diligence, it is worth noting that rent growth in south Florida has almostalways outpaced the national average rent growth.

Fort Lauderdale will likely remain to be a solid area for those seeking residential real estate investments for many years to come and there are currently many superb properties in the market. Rent growth will likely remain strong for the foreseeable future.Highly recommend working with a strong Fort Lauderdale Realtor.

Looking Forward


The residential real estate market has gone through some major changes the last two years and so many people had their lives and livelihoods shaken up due to the pandemic. Fort Lauderdale was no exception and we saw home prices skyrocket as many people sought larger spaces to facilitate work from home and social distancing needs.

We are seeing a fairly significant decline in the number of monthly transactions, bothin Fort Lauderdale and nationwide. The flurry of activity is over and that coupled with rising interest rates may mean prices have peaked.

At this point there is no reason to think that there will be a housing crash, but rising rates are definitely pushing monthly mortgage payments up. Employment is still high andFlorida as a whole is still a popular place to live and is still seeing many from the Northeast and rest of the country moving here.

For those wishing to purchase a home or an investment opportunity, the data still suggests that the time to buy is still sooner rather than later with your dedicated Expert Fort Lauderdale Realtor.

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