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Highest Rated Bars and Lounges in Fort Lauderdale

Highest Rated Bars In Fort Lauderdale FL

Florida –a land known for the best beaches, clubs, and nightlife- is undoubtedly the perfect spot to book for your next vacation. With over a 1200km coastline, it has an array of beaches, clubs, and lounges along the warm sea to entertain its visitors, each club having its own special and unique perks. With honeymoon-friendly locations, to children and pet-friendly beaches for families, along with fine lounges for people looking for a quiet and peaceful time to all hardcore party-loving individuals, Florida covers it all within an affordable budget and utmost security for its visitors. Florida is your dream location for unforgettable memories!

However, it is impossible to visit every club and lounge due to time and financial constraints. The party doesn’t finish just because the sun goes down! Greater Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife includes dancing, gaming, bars, restaurants, and live music to keep your pulse up and adrenaline rushing from sunset to sunrise. A night full of fun, joy, entertainment, and everlasting recollections await you.

To help you choose the ideal club and lounge which not only suits your taste but is also budget-friendly, we have enlisted all the special places below.

The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

The Field is a small piece of Ireland, preserving and serving the Irish cuisine in South Florida. Under the tall banyan, swaying tree, this cozy, warm pub started itself as a small-scale cottage and has five beautiful dining rooms, a pub, a bar, a large outdoor luscious patio, and an outdoor patio bar too so that you can enjoy the star-studded night sky of Fort Lauderdale beach. Irish-American cuisine offers the visitors delicacies like freshly fried crisp Fish & Chips, hot Shepherd Pie, hearty Irish stew, and exquisite Corned Beef & Cabbage along with steaks, chops, and freshly caught seafood. The pub also has functioning bars Mon-Fri from 3-7 pm, where you get to taste the epic bubbling beer and exotic cocktails made and customized to satiate your taste buds. Live music takes place every day dedicated to a new, unique artist to keep you entertained all week long.


Established in January 2013, LauderAle is a small-scale, electric-fired brewery situated outside Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Founded by Fort Lauderdale natives, LauderAle is the first small-batch brewery in Southeast Florida and hence sells the best cocktails and beers you would have ever tasted, made with experience and unforgettable taste. They are proud of themselves for cultivating and manufacturing genuine ales based on the local culture and influence, drinks that carry depth, love, warmth, and rich history. Their best-selling beers have a wide variety of exotic rotating styles from Blondes to Imperial Stouts, along with seasonal and special releases every year. They also offer special guest taps from local Florida breweries, wine & cider, which earns this brewery its reputation. This brewery has its addictive charm. Learn more about this magnificent brewery by giving it a visit.

The Wreck Bar

The name gives you all the clues you need to know. This place offers you fun, entertainment, and rich taste all in one place. Located in B Ocean Resort, a modern, Chic oceanfront destination studded with a thoughtful past, Wreck Bar is a must-visit for everyone here. Visitors can laze all day long at the private, cozy beach while enjoying delicious food and customizable drink options or catch a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable exotic mermaid show at the world-famous Wreck Bar. Have an insight into this amusing place and visit them for a great experience!

Chops+Hops Axe Throwing Lodge

Do you want to add a wild touch to your night out with friends? Look no further and head on to Chops hopes axe throwing lodge. An experience you won’t ever forget!

Chops Hops is Florida’s first Axe Throwing Lodge centered on fun, customizable cocktails and a rotating list of genuine, crisp craft beer. While South Florida may not be aware of axe throwing yet, it is a centuries-old fun activity that this bar has modernized and reintroduced to the audience to make it amusing for bar-goers, couples, friends, colleagues, parties, and corporate get-togethers. Have a wild night at this place and Throw Axes, Drink bubbling Beer, exotic Cocktails, and authentic Wine under the starry night of the Florida beach.

The Parrot

This place is a legendary, award-winning landmark tavern in Fort Lauderdale.

The World Famous Parrot has been entertaining Fort Lauderdale locals, tourists, and visitors since 1970. If you’re looking for a neighborhood, fun-packed atmosphere with extremely friendly service, you have found yourself the ideal place. The Parrot offers the largest and finest selection of domestic, import, and craft beers on Fort Lauderdale beach, with the best nightlife you could ever witness. They specialize in exciting drinks and authentic beer and serve their customers a range of delicacies, including world-famous Philly steak oozing with cheese, fish, and chips alongside special saucy wings.

Hunters Nightclub

Do you want to party among a loud, bustling crowd with epic music and the best drinks you have ever tasted? Well, look no further. This nightclub will let you experience your dream night!

This club not only offers you exciting drinks and cocktails but also a memorable experience consisting of a top-notch scale dancer floor, popular DJs, and the most epic beats to keep you on your feet all night long. It is a must-visit club in South Florida.

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