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Everglades Club

The “Everglades Club” is a prestigious and historic private club located in Palm Beach, Florida. It is not primarily known as a residential community, but rather as a social and recreational club.

Location: The Everglades Club is situated in Palm Beach, a well-known and affluent town in Palm Beach County, Florida. Palm Beach is known for its upscale lifestyle, luxurious properties, and vibrant social scene.

Private Club: The Everglades Club is a members-only club that offers a wide range of social, dining, and recreational amenities to its members. It is renowned for its elegant architecture, exquisite dining experiences, and historical significance.

Membership: Membership to the Everglades Club is typically by invitation and is subject to the club’s membership criteria. It is considered a symbol of prestige and is known for its exclusive and refined atmosphere.

Real Estate: While the Everglades Club is not primarily focused on real estate, it is possible that some members of the club may own residences in Palm Beach or the surrounding area. However, the club itself is not a residential community.

Everglades Club
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