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Aero Club

“Aero Club” likely refers to the Wellington Aero Club, a unique residential community located in Wellington, Florida. It’s known for its private airstrip and homes with attached hangars for private aircraft.

Location: Wellington Aero Club is situated in Wellington, a town in Palm Beach County, Florida. Wellington is known for its equestrian events, upscale lifestyle, and beautiful surroundings.

Private Airstrip: One of the defining features of Wellington Aero Club is its private airstrip that allows residents to have their own aircraft and fly directly to and from their homes.

Residential Properties: The community features a range of homes, often including custom-built single-family homes. These homes may have attached hangars for aircraft storage.

Gated Community: Wellington Aero Club is likely a gated community, offering security and privacy to residents.

Resale Market: Property values in Wellington Aero Club can vary based on factors such as location, property features, market trends, and demand.

Aero Club
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